Still the same way – 2004 year

and people too actually, all in good moood …


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Invitation of 2003

and a few memories of the beautiful tour of the castle cellar, but also a restaurant with bad food and beer spilled friend František. That’s all we got out of the way 1993.

 Pernštejn 2 2003


Just once ? It’s like nothing …

so we went twice. These documents and pictures are from our autumn, the second journey.


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We went there again …

I have left invitation only.


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Gray clouds in the sky,

but pilgrims are allowed … Why? 


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Added, joined my cousins “kameňáci”

In short, they went well with us – my cousin Josef and his daughter Pavla from village Kamenná … it was 1999 year


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Year passed

and we go again, a bit bigger kids, my brother goes the journey last, in his live … year 1998


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The five of courageous people

it was our first family trip to the castle Pernstejn … on foot,  youngest walker, my son Paul, was five years old.  The year was 1997.


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The way – but no walking way

Again in 1993 year, after several years of Americans cousins Gene and his mother Mary, Alan and Erin, with Milan and Olga Bárta family and with ount Marta, all by cars.


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My cousins from Georgia – USA

They visited Pernštejn, with me and my brother  in summer 1984 year


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