What was not before, it became in the 2007 year …

Normally, the tales begin similarly.  Our journey began normaly.  The invitation  2007 , morming start … But in this year we were invited to the “magistrate’s office” to Habři for  snack.  From this year,  I do not wear a snack in my backpack.  What’s even better.  We have in Habří very good friends.

2007 hrad

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2007 léto

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Journeys to Jablonné – 2011 year

Pilgrims from chapelry Heřmanov and sorroudings, in May 


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Očima druhých

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Castle Pernštejn 2005 year

almost more pictures of tickets and invitation, than photo of treeking people. But we visited, except castle, the church in town Doubravnik – last owners of castle Pernštejn crypt.  It wasas possibility go to in monastery Porta coeli in town Tišnov too. 


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Still the same way – 2004 year

and people too actually, all in good moood …


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Our journey to Jablonné in 2010 year

Journey to the town Jablonné in Podještědí,  journey by the bus completely full, control by two pastors … all it I was fine, expect weather .


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My first journey to the land ….

to the region under hills Luž, Ještěd,  to countryside beautiful and kind, to the small town Jablonné v Podještědí.  Autumn 2009 year, beautifull weather, warm welcome …  


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The second journey – 2010

The four people – better job


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Autumn 2009 – Sheffieldu

Single in England I found the only one Czech beer, the fog in the mountains Edale and the rarity – snow. 

Na ostrově

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Invitation of 2003

and a few memories of the beautiful tour of the castle cellar, but also a restaurant with bad food and beer spilled friend František. That’s all we got out of the way 1993.

 Pernštejn 2 2003