Autumn 2014 – we visited our castle again

The following images? This is our way, its beauty and its mystery.

Pernštejn – autumn 2013

 I was in the hospital at this time of autumn. The weather was terrible in this weekend. My heroes friends went and came to the finish on “our beautiful” castle.  The Czech Radio broadcasted a program about this way.

Autumn 2012 way

Good way, good end

2012 podzim 1

20 Photos

2012 podzim 2

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Pernštejn 2011

Next year, next trip, next nice experience


20 Photos


20 Photos


20 Photos


20 Photos

Pernštejn 2010

Lots of pictures from various cameras. Bukov’s stream was deeper than usually. We didn’t give up and we came to neighbor estate. Everyone came to Pernštejn. It was the 26th June.
And autumn trip was also a beautiful..

2010 léto 1

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2010 léto 2

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2010 léto 3

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2010 podzim 1

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2010 podzim 2

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Pernštejn 2009

Who knows why we went again and why we liked it?


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2009 V

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Eidskog 2012

One of the wonderful events of the year 2012
Trip to the land, where Hans Børli, poet and lumberjack, lived all his life.

Norsko 2012

21 Photos

The Alp’s week

Nice weather, nice mountains  Planai, Dachstein ….  


5 Photos

V Alpách

7 Photos


5 Photos


7 Photos

2008 a bit longer journey than usually ….

21. 6. 2008 the castle Peršnstejn stood on his point still. Our friends in village Habří too. This is very glad and good. Time is flying and town Velké Meziříčí had birthday. We visit it and steam expres train drow as at home.

2008 cesta

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2008 mašinky

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